An iconic front wheel drive platform.
Now with triple the horsepower.

From $6299 CAD before core exchange.

Introducing the

SMCO ultimate classic mini D16 subframe

Watch the subframe overview


Factory suspension geometry 

Designed to retain the major pivot points of the mini suspension system, hitting the targets for optimal alignment specs and geometry.

Unparalleled serviceability

Detachable lower subframe for easy engine removable and servicing, with an integrated front jacking point.

Easy installation

SMCO tech-tip style, step-by-step video guide for a problem free installation.

Built tough

Integrated skid plate protecting the otherwise vulnerable oil pan.

Box sectioned engine mount system.

Superior quality Sandtex powder coating service provided by Harley Davidson approved specialists.

Custom length drive axles

Machined and checked for straightness.

CV boot installed with additional process of applying epoxy to sealing points for longevity.

Included with our subframe kit.

Replacements available for purchase.


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D16 Engine and Gearbox Package

Our D16y8 engines are rebuilt to better than new tolerances. They are fully blueprinted, valves re-cut, new H beam connecting rods, new pistons and rings, top-of-the-line bearings and OEM Honda seals.

They are then Walnut blasted, vapor blasted and rebuilt with zinc-plated hardware to our spec by Chikara Motorsports; optimized and tested for use in the classic mini.