D16 Honda Swap Axle Set

$1,199.00 CAD

D16 Honda Swap Axle Set is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

These are a complete CV axle solution for D16 Honda conversions in the classic Mini. The axle shafts are machined locally with the splines needed to mate the Honda inner CVs with the Mini outers. Our CV axles come pre-lubricated, pre-assembled, and ready for drop-in installation. 

As inspired by off-road race trucks, the rubber boots are crimped and epoxied to always stay in place, even at extreme momentary CV angles that may happen with low ride height.

Our axles are heat-treated for hardness as well as being trued for runout. Beware of cheap axles as they are often quite bowed and can cause drivetrain vibration.

Flat rate shipping to the USA at $160 CAD and Canada at $120, please inquire for a quote for service worldwide.



Pre-lubricated and pre-assembled, ready for installation

Inner CV mates to Honda D16 drivetrain components

Outer CV mates to Classic Mini hub assembly

Dual bonded CV boots - crimped and epoxied to always stay in place

Shafts are individually machined for straightness beyond factory spec, then heat-treated for hardness.

*fits McGee D16 kits only*