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Distilled. Tested. Styled.

Steveston Motor co Presents:

No build too small.

No dream too big.

Steveston Motor Co Presents:

The mini Experience.

Join us in building your dream machine.

Steveston Motor Co

Since 1959, the Mini held our imagination as a cultural icon through style, innovation and charm. Over sixty years later, we are bringing the past to the present by infusing vintage appeal and modern standards. We take pride in our builds and curated selection of parts for you to enjoy the driving experience that Minis are famous for.

Project Honda Swap

We've designed our own Honda D16 swap subframe kit.


The mini transformed

Building more capability, comfort and reliability our cars and motorcycles with every build is our eternal goal.

We start off with a true and solid mini chassis, then we introduce a modern D16 Honda drivetrain with brand new custom electronics into the mix. The car is then finished off with an interior and driving position you will have dreams about.

From the people
From the people
Must have to complete any set up in a mini. Pricey, but the quality is top notch and worth every dollar. I added it and replaced the steering column bushings and the difference is immediate. If you are on the fence, don’t be and buy it!
— Sergio
From the people
Great little addition. Wife now thinks my Mini is about 200% more tolerable to be a passenger in. Now I just need to convince my local coffee shop to stop using such tiny cups…
— Chris S
From the people
I love gassers, Rat Finks and Minis. What could be better?
— Gene
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Watch Phil do mini things

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