A brand new mini

The classic mini is iconic, historic, and offers a driving experience that is totally unique. Upon that basis, we at Steveston Motor Co strive to enhance and preserve that experience with care and attention to detail this chassis deserves. 

Custom design consultation

For full restorations, we like to consult with the client to ensure every detail is cared for and our vision for the end product is aligned.


Through working with a team of local experts, we are able to media blast the entire shell, restore panels using OEM heritage panels to achieve better than factory fit and finish of the doors, bonnet and boot. We spray the car with 8+ layers of single stage paint and finish with a ceramic coating. 


Every nut and bolt are removed, catalogued, refinished before reassembly. After we are done the car will roll off the line better than when it left the factory the first time; and with three times the horsepower if you opt for the Honda D16 package.

In addition to Honda engine swaps, we offer a local rebuilding and tuning service for your classic mini’s original A-series engine, as well as fully rebuilt units for a total replacement. 


We exclusively work with a local upholstery shop whose work is decorated internationally. Based on our initial design consultation, we can execute the design with a world-class level of craftsmanship using OEM materials from Bentley to Ferrari.


We put the car through its paces with a series of tests on the highways, in town, and an idle test mimicking a traffic jam, to ensure the car is up to par before delivery.

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