Apollo LED Indicator Kit

$49.00 CAD

Front Indicator

The Apollo Turn Indicators light up your intentions on the road. They are much brighter than standard halogen bulbs, have less draw, and are instant-on. The diodes shine light in all directions to increase visibility from the side. These also work with transparent glass housings because the emitted light is amber.

This kit includes two rear indicator bulbs and two front indicator bulbs. Please read the guide below to find out which bulbs and flasher relay you need.

Please select the appropriate model to ensure correct fitment for your front turn indicators. Be aware that sometimes front indicator housings are swapped and choosing based on year of mini isn't reliable. The best way to find which bulb type you need is to remove and inspect your front indicator bulbs and order the correct base. If you're unsure, please email us a photo of the base of your current front indicator bulb and we’ll sort you out.

Type I: Dual point base (Mk1 and Mk2 1959-1970)

Type II: Single point base (Mk3-SPI or 1969-1996)

Type III: Offset point base (MPI Minis 1997-on)

These types also fit Clubmans.


To address fast flash an electronic flasher relay will need to be purchased separately. It is likely that you will need this because the lowered resistance of LED bulbs will not allow a standard flasher to operate at a normal rate. Please check your mini to see if you need a 2-prong flasher relay or 3-prong flasher relay.

For older cars that came with the three prong flasher relay that grounds to the body, make sure your new electronic relay comes with a ground wire.

***Note that LED lights are designed for negative earth cars only***