Apollo H4 LED Headlamp Bulbs

$79.00 CAD

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See and be seen in classic style. We have developed these H4 bulbs to provide the brightness of LED bulbs and stay close to the look and feel of a traditional Halogen bulb. They can be paired with any 7” headlight housing that accepts an H4 base.

Our bulbs put out 4200 lumens each at a 4300K colour temperature. This is much warmer than most LED bulbs that we feel are far too blue for classic cars. This output is achieved reliably for over 30,000 operating hours thanks to the integrated fan. Creating a good spread of light and a clean cutoff line is made easy with the rotatable socket. They are water resistant and come with a rubber grommet.

These are plug and play provided you already have 7” H4 housings. If you are upgrading from a sealed beam headlamp then yes, you will need to buy housings. A good quality housing is key for reflecting light accurately and also for meeting safety standards. 

***Note that LED lights are designed for negative earth cars only***



44W power

4200 lm output from each bulb

1860 CREE diodes

Clockable base for tuning cutoff

6063 Aluminum heat sinks

IP65 Rating

Integrated quiet cooling fan

Estimated operation life of 30,000 hours, 1 year warranty