10x5.25" EJB wheel (Silver)

$149.00 CAD

Introducing the SMCO EJB wheels. Crafted with modern technology and inspired by classic design, these wheel hark back to the golden era of classic mini race victories. Inspired by the Cooper S steel wheels as seen on the many race winning cars, such as that driven by Paddy Hopkirk. These wheels carry on that legacy with a sprinkling of modern design. No longer crafted from steel, these wheel are made from strong and light weight A356-T6 aluminum resulting in a wheel that weighs less than 2.7kg but has a load rating of 250kg.

In an effort to modernize and streamline the design, we smoothed off the lugs normally cast into the face to attach hub caps, "because race car". The offset and width is also something we spec'd to our preference. The SMCO EJB wheels measuring in at 10" diameter with a 5.25" width and a +20mm offset.

These specs are the result of wanting a wheel that will fit a 165 section tire with an ideal amount of sidewall stretch and having enough backspacing to fit perfectly flush on a car with factory plastic arches; or a slight aggressive poke on an arch-less car. Wheel sizing can alter the driving characteristics of a car tremendously, and these wheels have been designed to improve sidewall deflection, reduce scrub radius, and eliminate wheel rubbing or trimming of the front wing.

Add a set to your car and turn that Sunday drive into a Monte Carlo rally stage!


- 10Jx5.25 +20et

- (4"x4") 101.6mm P.C.D

- 60mm Center bore

- A356-T6 High strength aluminum

- for use with 60 degree tapered seat lug nuts

- 2.67kg per wheel (5.89 lbs.)

- SAE J2530

- DOT-T 250KG


- Front wheels includes a hubcap spacer to fit, please see picture on red car. 

- Blue car runs drum brakes on all four corners, dark blue car has disk brakes with arches and the red car has disk brakes with no arches. 

- Does not fit over 8.4" stock rotors. Will fit over drums, spacered drums, 7.5 cooper brakes, 7.75 and 7.9 KAD BBK and the 8.1 minisport R range with slight shave to the calipers or a 3mm spacer.

We recommend the use of 50mm wheel studs (minispares part number 21A2064) in the front 7.5" brake hubs. Please ensure that you have enough thread engagement on the wheel nuts as these wheels have a thicker hub center than factory steel wheels.

- Priced per-wheel, please add 4 into cart for a full set or 5 if you'd like a matching spare.