Vintage Spark Plug Lead Kit

Product image 1Vintage Spark Plug Lead Kit
Product image 2Vintage Spark Plug Lead Kit
Product image 3Vintage Spark Plug Lead Kit

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Make your spark plug leads look like old stock with our complete spark plug lead parts kit. It includes a length of cotton braid spark plug wire, plug boots, distributor boots, and appropriate crimps. Get the vintage aesthetic for your engine bay and the clean routing you want by building exactly the lengths you need. 

The wire is a spiral wound suppression core covered by a lacquered cotton braid over EDPM Silicone Insulated wire. Thanks to this, the old stock look is compatible with BOTH points and electronic ignition systems.


7.8 mm Suppression Core Cotton Braid Plug Wire (80” length)

All crimps and silicone boots for A-series Engine

Boots are 90 degree type plus one straight type for the coil plug


The MSD 3503 Crimp tool used in the video link here.

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