Naturally Imperfect Cup Holder

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Not all Carbon HTPLA cup holders are 3D printed perfectly, and a small percentage of them surprise us with minor flaws. Rather than recycle this plastic, we thought that some customers may be interested in a lower-cost cup holder option. So we are offering these "naturally imperfect" cup holders!

Depending on the side of the flaw and mounting position, you may not even see the flaw once installed.

The photos are examples only of what we consider "imperfect". Yours will be unique! Supply may fluctuate.


Product info:

Minis may have come with storage for whisky, but they never came with cup holders! Ours is designed for anyone who wants to bring their brew along for the drive.

The cup holder fits on both standard seat brackets as well as with our seat extension brackets. It's reversible, so it easily fits on either the inside or outside of your seat bracket as well as on the left seat and the right seat.


3D Printed Carbon High-Temp PLA

Satin finish

Yellow Zinc Coated Hardware included

Internal diameter is 2 7/8”

**Does not fit Australian models. Please check your stock seat mounting brackets to make sure they look like the black one in the above picture.**