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RHD Clutch Line

Product image 1RHD Clutch Line
Product image 2RHD Clutch Line
Product image 3RHD Clutch Line
Product image 4RHD Clutch Line

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Our clutch line deletes the hard line to reduce potential leak points and provide a consistent clutch pedal feel. The PTFE hose is covered by braided stainless steel to resist swelling, and the braided nylon covering improves temperature control and also ensures that it looks at home in a classic engine bay. Connections are banjo and a swiveling -3AN fitting at the clutch master side to allow for correct clocking of the fitting.


-3 PTFE hose core covered by braided stainless steel for consistent clutch pedal response

Braided nylon exterior for improved heat tolerance over typical pvc covering

304 stainless steel fittings

42 cm length fits right hand drive cars (see our LHD line here)



  1. Remove original clutch soft lines and hard line.
  2. Install new clutch line with AN swivel fitting on clutch master side.
  3. Torque banjo bolts to approximately 35 ft-lbs and AN fitting 10 ft-lbs. Use your best judgement for washer sealing.
  4. Bleed the clutch hydraulic system and ensure assembly is correctly adjusted.
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